The Founder of the company belongs from rich culture and traditional values of Punjab “The Royal State” of India. As he belongs from family business background in Textile industry. He innovate the new idea to excel in great opportunity to serve communities beyond country limits. As he founded the “Bright Wisdom Career Solutions” 
It comes with great responsibility and dedication towards the people who are looking international opportunities for them. He took the initiative to help people for the right career solutions.

Our Vision

  • As the need of placing high demands of cross cultural adaptability on the young people today. Bright Wisdom Career Solutions has taken initiative with the venture of opportunities in international Education and Immigration.
  • Company’s vision is to provide and ensures that the prospective student applies to the educational institution for the bust courses that makes the best pathway to his career fits his profile. We also provide personalized services include Student Counseling & Assistance with Admissions, Applications, VISA Documentation, IELTS Coaching, and Pre-Departure Orientation program.