Immigration come under various categories as under:-

Professionals & other Skilled Migrants – Under these category individuals who are well qualified in those skills, which are highly recognized and in demand in those countries where they can live and work permanently

Business People – Under this category business people and organization can have better business opportunities. Under this category these organizations can expand their business ventures and increase business network.

Doctors/Nurses & other related professionals – Under this category Doctors/Nurses and other medical professionals can live and work. Which are highly recognized all over the world.

Regional Employment – Under this category employer for different countries can hire employees permanently. Skilled and unskilled people can migrate under this category.

Family Members – Under this category people who are living in different countries, they can bring their close relative like spouse, children, and parents etc can migrate permanently to those countries.

Categories for immigration are as under:-

  • Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Temporary Resident
  • Skilled Migration
  • Employer nominated
  • Skilled sponsor
  • Aged Parent
  • Other Dependent category
  • Aged Dependent Relative
  • Remaining Relative
  • Prospective Marriage
  •  Partner/ Spouse (Provisional and Migrant)
  •  Investor Retirement